It's in Russia, because of course it's in Russia.

Linesman Musa Kadyrov lost his shit during a match between the reserve sides of Amkar Perm and Terek Grozny, knocking Amkar defender Ilya Krichmar to the pitch and wailing on him. Krichmar had complained about some calls, but denies Kadyrov's claim that he personally insulted him.

"We weren't happy with the officiating, words had been exchanged but I had never said anything personal about him or his mother," he said. "I know how sensitive Chechen people are."

This is, somewhat surprisingly, not the first time a player has gotten into a scrap with officials at Grozny. Two years ago, a Krasnodar striker had his nose and ribs broken after a fight with a Terek referee. In that case, the player was suspended, a decision that was loudly criticized by the players' union. Perhaps in an attempt to compensate, the Chechen soccer organization has given Kadyrov a lifetime ban from officiating.