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Illustration for article titled Some Chick From emThe Bachelor/em Says Carlos Boozer Cheated On His Wife With Her

I know what you're thinking. An NBA player cheating on his wife? A reality TV "star" selling her story to a tabloid magazine? Hard to believe, I know. But it's true! Allegedly.

I either don't watch The Bachelor or do and pretend not to, but apparently Michelle Money (her real name, not some Candy Deepthroat situation) is one of the most outspoken contestants of the current season. Also willing to dish on her affair with Carlos Boozer, then in Utah, and still married.


She says he told her he was separated, so either she's lying, or wasn't smart enough to Google him. Both are equally likely.

Bachelor contestant Michelle Money admits to affair with married basketball star [Life & Style]
h/t to Deadspin's gossip rag correspondent, Phintastic

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