Tipster Cyrus the Virus was kind enough to record and send in some video he captured of a subway floor dice game last night. Unfortunately, he put the camera down before one player broke every rule that Ashy Larry has ever championed by making a scene when the dice fell wrong.

Here's the commentary:

Got on the Yellow Line in northern Virginia and at the back of the car, I notice there are two people throwing dice. I couldn't believe it. They were completely unphased by people getting on and off the train and just kept throwing.

For a while, it looked like it was pretty even and the throwers were fairly congenial. I recorded about 3 minutes then stopped, as I thought they might be getting wise.

Later on, the girl started losing quite a bit of money. I'd guess it was close to $100 in 5 minutes. Needless to say, her mood noticeably soured. We pulled into the L'Enfant (next stop after the video) and right before the doors closed, the guy goes 'Oh shit, my stop!' and runs out the door.

Apparently the girl didn't like where things stood and yells 'Oh no you don't mothafucka!', grabs him and gets pulled out the closing doors. Last I saw, she was chasing him down the platform.

Classy, DC, real classy.