Some Irish Soccer Hooligans Just Couldn't Hold In Their Excitement

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Every year, soccer clubs from Ireland and Northern Ireland meet in the Setanta Cup tournament to battle for local football supremacy. Sligo, the Irish side, won a 2-0 decision over Northern Ireland's Glentoran on Monday night, but the trouble started when the Glentoran fans headed back to their tour buses that had brought them the 130 miles from Belfast. That was when they found the inside of one bus covered in feces.

Sligo management released a statement Tuesday night, condemning those fans responsible:

Sligo Rovers can confirm that the club and the Gardai are investigating reports from Glentoran supporters following last night's match in The Showgrounds.

Sligo Rovers are appalled and disgusted by the alleged incidents and we wish to offer our deepest apologies to Glentoran Football Club and their supporters.

The occasion, being enjoyed by both sets of fans, was ruined by the action of a very small minority that clearly have no respect for visitors to Sligo or the football clubs.

We pride ourselves on welcoming all clubs to Sligo and believe the matter last night is not the actions of those associated with Sligo Rovers.

However, we take responsibility as it occurred in our ground and it is extremely disappointing to us.

We are currently investigating the matter with the match nights stewards and security to develop a full report on what happened and we await the result of the Gardai investigation.


Sligo will also pay for the cleanup, the cost of any items stolen, and a charitable donation in Glentoran's name. Smart move, as it could've easily become one of those minor international incidents that explodes into something a lot messier.