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Some People Still Don't Believe That "Fukudome" is Not A Dirty Word

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Last week it was revealed that one Oklahoma woman was asked to remove her Kosuke Fukudome jersey during work hours because the F-U-K-U letters may be offensive to some. The Fuk-u problem is still rampant — even in Chicago, apparently — as a 15-year-old sophomore at Elgin High School named Jill Howe was asked to remove her jersey after being repeatedly questioned by school officials "what it meant." Thankfully, some members of the faculty don't spend their off-hours knitting or reading and let the others know that, yes, "Fukudome" is in fact the surname of a n extremely popular Cubs player who happens to be Japanese. Sadly, the girl's mother reveals that this whole incident could have been avoided had family been able to afford the real jersey their Cubs-crazy daughter wanted:

"She's a big Cubs fan, and we got the jersey at Dick's. We were going to get a [Kerry] Wood one, but it cost more."

Given the hypersensitivity of this school's administration, a "Wood" jersey probably would have resulted in a three-day suspension. Is Fukudome a Dirty Word? [Chicago Sun Times] Fukudome is Obscene In Chicago [Slanch Report]

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