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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled Some Phillies Fans Went To Miami And Interfered With The Marlins Right Fielder

This whole thing happened in the sixth inning of today's Phillies/Marlins game. Hunter Pence of the Phillies hit one to the right-field wall. It may or may not have hit that yellow stripe. We'll never know.

Before Bryan Petersen of the Marlins could catch or miss it, his glove hit a spectator's hand and the ball hit either that spectator's hand or the ball cap that another fan held out to try and grab it. That fan was in a Phillies jersey, of course. The umps ended up reviewing the play, which apparently — read: the homer TV announcer's explanation — is something that only occurs when a possible home run is in question. Which there apparently wasn't.


So, the go-ahead run was rescinded, Phillies manager Charlie Manuel got ejected and the game is being played under protest. That's a rarity to the point that the Phillies booth keeps talking about George Brett's pine-tar situation, which is another notable instance of games continuing despite a formal shenanigans declaration.

Phils play under protest after call's reversed [MLB]

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