Some Pretty Funny Things That Happened In The Sixers-Celtics Series

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Here’s a list:

When Joel Embiid and Marcus Morris taunted each other.


When Joel Embiid and Terry Rozier jawed with each other.

When it became clear that Joel Embiid was only beefing with Marcus Morris and Terry Rozier because 31-year-old Al Horford was, at any time he desired, giving JoJo the business.

When Markelle Fultz’s most significant accomplishment this season was forcing Joel Embiid to wear a cool mask.

When Jayson Tatum let Joel Embiid know how lucky he was.

When none of the Sixers could complete a clean inbounds pass in Game 3.

When the arena staff prematurely dropped the confetti after the fourth quarter of Game 3.


When the arena staff had to pick up the prematurely dropped confetti so the Sixers could play overtime in Game 3.

When the Sixers lost Game 3 in overtime.

When the Sixers suddenly found themselves leaning on Yinzer Dellavedova to keep them in the series.


When, at multiple times throughout the series, a number of Sixers players looked like they would rather be fighting a water buffalo than taking a shot of any kind.

Whenever Ben Simmons tried a shot outside of the paint and not at the free-throw line.


When Jayson Tatum, who turned 20 years old two months ago, established himself as the best young player in the series.

When J.J. Redick yelled at Yinzer Dellavedova for not spacing correctly.


When Robert Covington—who was signed to a $62 million extension last November, was benched for Yinzer Dellavedova in the final two games, and had a 26.8 field goal percentage for the series—assessed his playoff performance:


When I remembered this tweet:


When the Boston Celtics, who lost Kyrie Irving to a knee surgery and Gordon Hayward to an ankle explosion, still needed just five games to beat the Philadelphia 76ers, who were quite healthy, and it didn’t require the sacrifice of four seasons or the numerous truncated careers of players turned into grist for a mill of shameless tanking.

When a lot of Sixers fans woke up this morning and experienced a jolt of dread, because there was suddenly a minuscule but persistently annoying chance that this might have been it, the peak, a three seed going five games against a team forced to rely significantly on Marcus Smart, and how will it be next season when all the Celtics are healthy?


When Sixers fans, who were so adamant after the first round that LeBron James has no place on their team, realized they will now have to spend an entire summer pretending like they still feel that way.

Anyway, those were some pretty funny things.