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Some Quotes From Peter King's Chris Berman Retrospective, Paraphrased

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“What I believe may surprise his fans and his critics is that Boomer just about outworks everybody who people would consider his competition.” - Chris Mortensen

The fact that Chris Berman actually works hard would surprise most people.

“Not all of us have the incredible brain and cleverness of Keith Olbermann.” - Rich Eisen


Chris Berman is not as smart or clever as Keith Olbermann. 

“Boomer is in status, if not style, the Vin Scully of cable television and of the NFL.” - Bill Polian

Chris Berman has had his job for a very long time, but isn’t as good at it as Vin Scully. 

“Sports on TV is not calculus. It is authenticity. That’s what you got from Chris.” - Steve Young


People who like things not to be stupid are the ones who don’t like Chris Berman.

“During the Indianapolis years we were always drafting low. I would give Boom the order of priority, and he would somehow divine our choice. Swami indeed. In a larger sense it speaks to Chris’s professionalism and integrity.” - Bill Polian


Chris Berman lacks professionalism and integrity. 

“Not all of us have the dry wit and quickness of Dan Patrick.” - Rich Eisen

Chris Berman is not as witty or quick as Dan Patrick.

“A long time ago I realized I’m the quarterback of our team, and maybe of this company.” - Chris Berman


I am the quarterback of ESPN.

“Who else were you going to get who could show up at 5:00 a.m., full of enthusiasm, tell a few jokes, interview Jerry Jones, and then provide play-by-play for a Texas institution being brought to the ground.” - Rich Dalrymple, Dallas Cowboys PR flack


Unlike his peers, Chris Berman never had much else going on in his life. 

“Not all of us have the off-kilter filter of Craig Kilborn.” - Rich Eisen

Chris Berman is worse than Craig Kilborn. 

“Why am I friends to this day with the rank and file of the Niners of the ’80s and Bills of the ’80s and ’90s? I don’t know if it can happen anymore. I was welcomed in. Could that still happen today? Ted Williams and Curt Gowdy went fishing together. Could that still happen today? Highly unlikely. That’s too bad. That is too bad for football.” - Chris Berman


Chris Berman lacks professionalism and integrity.

“Chris had some of that.” - Rich Eisen

Chris Berman doesn’t have much going for him. 

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