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As you ponder the musclebound freaks on your TV, take a minute to realize football has one of the best drug testing policies in sports. Is this to the credit of the NFL, or more indicative of everyone else's nonchalance?

The Wall Street Journal broke down the testing procedures of 22 major sports and federations, and ranked them all on a 100-point scale. It's absolutely worth perusing the entire list, but let's note some highlights.


•The most stringent policy belongs to US Boxing/IBF. In the last sport you'd expect to be on the up-and-up, it's nearly impossible to beat the test without some super secret undetectable substance (which I think we assume all athletes are on anyway).
•The most lax policy? The X Games, which have no formal policy whatsoever. Unsurprising considering the target audience, but at least they're not overtly encouraging drug use. Just subtly.
•Also with no testing policy in place is the CFL or bowling, though the PBA says "members may not participate in the sale or distribution of controlled substances."
•MLB's updated policy is barely sufficient, but what about all those minor leaguers they keep catching?
•Horse racing and cycling score quite highly, thereby rendering this list laughable.

My favorite note is that World's Strongest Man competitions fall under the banner of entertainment, and refused to provide the Journal with their testing procedures. And you know what? I'm fine with that. If Magnus ver Magnusson needed a little boost to throw those kegs over the wall, then so be it.

A Sports Fan's Guide to Drug Testing [WSJ]

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