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Some Things Are More Important Than Football, But Not In Alabama

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Yesterday, we told you about the Alabama lawyers (pictured?) who asked a judge to postpone their case so they can attend the BCS Championship Game. Well, the judge—an Auburn fan!—granted their request. It's a travesty of good sportsmanship.

If you're going to start creating judicial precedents on the basis of college football schedules, then shouldn't you also conform those judgments to reflect a more proper demonstration of your allegiance? An Auburn judge should not only deny any motion filed by a U of A attorney, he should hold them in contempt of court and make them swear to tell the truth under an oath to Pat Sullivan. That's some smash mouth law makin'!


Instead, Circuit Judge Dan King says that a man who has waited four years to see the memory of his dead mother honored in a court of law can wait a few more months, because "If I didn't, they'd say, 'He just didn't grant it because he's an Auburn fellow.'" Yes, "they" might say that. They might also say that "He's an adult who doesn't think that educated professionals should get the day off every time they want hold recess outside." The Crimson Tide will solider on just fine without eight extra lawyers getting hammered in the Rose Bowl parking lot.

You know, it is hard to believe that Birmingham was named "the worst city in America to be a man." They really seem to have their act together down there.

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