Most of you out there probably don't speak Chinese, so we'll allow the guys at the East Windup Chronicle to explain what's going on in this video:

La New Bears SS Lin Zhi-Shen completely losing his mind after a close play at first in this Friday night's 5-5 tie with the Brother Elephants, charging the first base umpire at full speed from the dugout for about 40 feet and clobbering him with his shoulder and forearm. The Umpire, no small fellow, went down straight away, and Lin had to be restrained by teammates before inflicting and further damage. Later on several more La New players would go on to get ejected from the game. No word yet on what kind of punishment Lin will face, or what got him so riled up to begin with.

Aren't Taiwanese baseball players supposed to have more peaceful ways of settling their differences?

Toro! Toro! La New's Lin Zhi-Shen Flips Out, Clobbers Umpire [East Windup Chronicle]