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Somebody Poisoned The Family Of NC State's Adorable Wolfpack Mascot

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Today in animal cruelty and terrible affronts to school pride: someone allegedly poisoned four Tamaskan dogs with familial ties to the N.C. State mascot, Tuffy, in Elizabeth City, N.C. From the News & Observer:

The Daily Advance of Elizabeth City said John Bannow of the Nixonton community saw the dogs acting strangely Sunday and found a large bowl containing fish that later was determined to be laced with antifreeze. The bowl was set in a freshly dug hole and covered in grass.


Among the dogs affected are Tuffy's father, Blaze, and sister, Kana Ti'. No word yet on the motives behind the poisoning, but if it is related to a state university's puppy, then we would hereby like to plea for an end to poisoning attacks on defenseless animals and plants that have nothing whatsoever to do with the weird reasons we uphold and nurture sports rivalries. Leave the Tamaskans and the oak trees alone!

H/T Adam.

Sister, father of Wolfpack mascot poisoned in N.C. [News & Observer]

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