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Somehow, Gerald Wallace Is The Voice Of The Celtics

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The Boston Celtics blew a 22-point lead to the Milwaukee Bucks Friday night, falling to 0-2. No one on the team seemed more pissed off about the loss than Gerald Wallace.


Wallace tore into the team after the game without naming names, saying that players were "more worried about stats and getting points."

For the record, Jeff Green also called out teammates.

This wasn't the first instance of Wallace telling other members of the team to get their shit together. He also criticized the team after a preseason loss against the Timberwolves, questioning the effort of guys who shall remain nameless and calling them "selfish." (Coaches later told him to tone it down.)

Paul Pierce, the beloved captain, and Kevin Garnett, the subway-lunatic motivator, are both gone. Rajon Rondo still isn't playing due to his knee injury. Doc Rivers is in Los Angeles. The identity of this team vanished in the offseason, by design. The current Celtics have been built to lose, despite Wallace's protestations. What you're seeing now is a doomed collection of spare parts struggling to reconstitute themselves into something resembling an NBA outfit, with all the traditional roles and hierarchy. Someone has to speak for them. Might as well be the guy who's been on the team for five months. Gerald Wallace is the voice of the 2013-14 Boston Celtics, and that voice sounds like a didgeridoo:

Photo: Frank Franklin II/AP