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And we know this because we got an email about it from a tipster at 11:17 this morning:

My friend got into a full out brawl with Rasheed Wallace in a parking outside a bar in white plains last week. He ran his mouth off to Sheed after Sheed refused to take a picture. I have everything on video and multiple photos…I am currently shopping the video to the post and daily news.


We asked the tipster to send us screen shots from the video, which he did on the condition that they were for verification purposes only. We cropped one of the photos for you above, and while we haven't seen the video, we can tell you the photos are indeed of 'Sheed, and that it does look like he's fighting someone in at least one of them. The tipster said the New York Post (allegedly) offered him $1,000 for the video. We told the tipster they can have it. So keep an eye out for it!

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