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Someone Maybe Probably Etched A Swastika Onto The Pitch In Croatia

Look at the above image, taken from today’s Croatia-Italy Euro 2016 qualifying match. You’ll definitely notice the completely empty stadium, courtesy of a UEFA-imposed stadium ban after Croatian fans chanted racist things at not one but two prior international matches. What might slip your gaze is a strange patch of grass on the lower-right side of the field, about two cuts of grass outside of the penalty box. It looks just like a swastika.

That picture is the most convincing one I’ve seen that those lines are indeed meant to make a swastika as many places are reporting. But it’s still a little vague and you still have to know where to look. Here’s another picture, from Index, pointing out the area a little more vividly:


That’s a damn swastika, right? Here are some more pictures, this time from Sportska Centrala:

So congratulations, guy. Now you’ll know that the next time Croatia host an international match and neither you nor any of your friends can go watch it, it’ll be because of your cute little prank.


[Index | Sportska Centrala]

H/t Dule

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