Someone On Craigslist Denver Is Selling Envelopes Postmarked The Day Tebow Was Born

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These four items are from the actual date that Tim Tebow was born, which was August 14, 1987. Two of them also synchronize in, by some wonderful serendipity, with key aspects of the life he has lived in the decades since. In particular, a Florida postmark from that date, though without a stamp since it came from a piece of metered mail, stands in for Tebow's outstanding Florida high school and college career which included his winning the Heisman Trophy in 2007. A stamp from Essen, in what was then West Germany, has a perfectly centered postmark over a commemoration of a 1200 year old cathedral. This, of course, represents Tebow's staunch, and very public, Christian faith. The other two items lack a synchronistic element, but share the birthdate postmark, shown as 14 VIII 87 on a Dutch 65c everyday usage stamp and as 14 AUG 1987 on a colorful British three-stamp piece from Clyde Valley in the UK.

Well, you can't buy mail postmarked on December 25, so I guess this is the next best thing. Priced to move at— ugh, really?—90 dollars.