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People can't seem to get over the fact that Donovan McNabb was unclear on the concept of tying (he's a professional football player!), but we guess Arizona's basketball team didn't get the memo either. See, if two teams have the same score when that last buzzer goes off, the game continues with an extra five-minute period. If only someone had told them, they might not have committed two intentional fouls in the final 30 seconds of a tied game. The Wildcats were scrambling to comeback in the final minute, when Kyle Fogg snagged a loose ball off a missed free throw and tied the score with 25 seconds left. It was a chaotic moment for the freshman, so he can sort of be forgiven for fouling immediately after the inbound pass even though his team didn't need it. And hey, UAB missed the one-and-one, so Arizona got it back with no shot clock and a chance to win. It's all good! But when Arizona missed their shot attempt and UAB got the rebound 70 feet from their basket with one second left, it probably didn't make sense for Wildcat forward Jamelle Horne to grab the jersey of Blazer Paul Delany ... and earn an intentional foul call with 0.8 seconds left on the clock. They lost by one.

We're not saying that this is some sort of metaphor for the disarray and chaos that has consumed the Arizona program this season—because it's not a really a metaphor. They need some help. By the way, so does Stephen Curry because kid was straight ballin' last night (who let Stu Scott in here?), but his 44 points were not enough to beat No. 12 Oklahoma. It's going to be pretty hard for Davidson to shake the perception that they're nothing but a one-man gang, but ... they're a one-man gang. Curry's tournament run last year was obviously not a fluke, but without some more points from his teammates, they're going to see a lot more games like this when they play good teams. Late Fouls Doom 'Cats [Daily Wildcat] Gimino: 'Sting' of defeat may bring UA together [Tucson Citizen] Davidson's Curry scores 44 in loss [Charlotte Observer]


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