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Someone Stole Chad Johnson's Reindeer

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Never will you see someone who just scored a touchdown walk to the sidelines with such dejection. Chad Johnson took one to the house against Buffalo, but could not find his reindeer afterwards.

He went to the sidelines, couldn't find whatever it was that he was looking for, and was completely dejected. A ref came over and looked like he was explaining something to him. I couldn't hear the commentators, so perhaps there was some explanation given on TV, but I couldn't hear it. Maybe someone can help us out in the comments.


Whoever stole the reindeer, congratulations, you ruined Christmas, you son of a bitch. I'm blaming PETA.

Chad did manage to salvage a little something, however, by opening up a bag of gifts he had and distributing them to some fans. Not bad, I guess, but I'm still hurt.

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