Swaggy P's Sherman Oak's home was burglarized Sunday evening and the crook(s) took close to $100,ooo worth of items, including jewelry and a pair of Nike Air Yeezy 2 sneakers. He was nonplussed. "I'm shocked they tried to get Swaggy."

Young came home after the Lakers 103-94 win over the Magic and knew at once that he had been robbed. He saw a broken window and clothes were strewn all over the floor.

"They got me. They stole my Yeezy's," said Young, referring to the Red October Nike Air Yeezy's 2 that he says is worth $6,000, an item he acquired for free because of a contract with Nike. "I wasn't expecting that. It was tough to get in after a good win to come home to that."

Young, although bummed he couldn't fully savor the win and had to stay in a hotel that night, seems to be taking it all in stride. He's clearly a little unnerved, but says he's found support in the locker room. "Teammates have been cracking jokes about it all day," he said. "They got me cheered up."

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