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Sometimes, A Great Notion

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This email just showed up in our mailbox:



April 4, 2006 - According to her attorney Jeffrey B. Bogart, Anna Benson today has dismissed her divorce petition filed in Atlanta, Georgia. She expresses her love for her husband and her sincere desire to reconcile their marriage.


Source: 5W Public Relations

Now. OK.

This world is full of scary, scary things, nasty large things, with sharp teeth and pointy claws. These things hold us all the day through, and they make us feel less than well, or, even worse, as if we are something other than we have always told ourselves we were. These things make us scared; they make us dead inside. They make us lose faith in our basic self-trust, as if the world is constantly shifting beneath our feet, as if what we have always thought of as real no longer exists as such.

And then ... as quickly as it had all been pulled away ... our faith is renewed. We look outside, and the sun shines brighter, the grass glistens, the sky is vast, open, endless, beautiful. There's hope out there, kids. There's hope for all of us. Your faith was rewarded.

It all worked out. Sleep easy, everyone: It's all going to be OK.

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