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Sometimes, One Must Choose One's Words Carefully So As Not To Offend

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Meet Tatiana Montoyo. She is the starting point guard on the Syracuse Central Tech junior varsity girls' basketball team. She is also 3'10" tall. I vow to not drop the "big heart" line.


Tatiana, 15, was born with short-limbed dwarfism, a condition that did not require me to check WebMD for an explanation. And yet, there she is, running the point for her high school team. I once got teabagged at the University of Kansas student rec center by a dunking Billy Thomas. We all have our crosses to bear, I guess. I'm just happy that the Syracuse Post-Standard got a hold of this story before Rick Reilly did. It's worth noting that Daulerio sent me this link with a message saying only, "there's your fuckin' DUAN." The man's got a nose for news.


Well, folks, it's been a pleasure. I've been awake and sober for nearly 10 hours now; that just won't do. Thank you to everyone who sent along tips and emails. I'm sorry if I didn't get to everything. Thanks also go out to AJ Daulerio for letting me housesit for the day. Let's all hope he got to his destination safe and sound.


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[] Central Tech basketball player plays big

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