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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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We know, we're soulless ironists, not connected to the problems of the everyday world, except to mock them. We accept your scorn, and we probably deserve it.


Nevertheless: We kind of couldn't let this one go. In a column written in tribute to late Cleveland-area broadcaster Casey Coleman, Cleveland Plain-Dealer Akron Beacon-Journal columnist Terry Pluto — an eight-time winner of the Ohio Sportswriter Of The Year award — talks about how his and Coleman's shared faith helped them overcome their respective addictions. Coleman once had a drinking problem. Pluto had different issues.

Casey was convinced God delivered him from alcoholism. I believe the same about what God did to take pornography out of my life. We talked about how we couldn't deny what we did and who we were, but we didn't have to stay stuck in the past.

We really talked about things that mattered: about how we were both blessed to have tremendous wives; about how we could not afford to slip up; about how we were one drink or one click of a computer mouse from losing all God gave us.


We mean not to mock Pluto's faith; faith is a personal matter and not something we feel is worthy of ridicule. (Quite the opposite, actually.) We just, uh ... well, we guess we just maybe don't need quite this much information from our sports columnists.

He's right about the click of a mouse, though. (Link NSFW, obviously.)

Casey Coleman's Life Reached Beyond Sports [Cleveland Plain Dealer]

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