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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Somewhere, Matt Leinart Is Smiling

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Well, this is unfortunate. But it appears pseudonymous website proprietor "Nik Richie" of was nabbed for a DUI last January and The Smoking Gun has the wince-worthy police report from the night of his arrest. Nik Richie is actually 29-year-old Hooman Karamian and, well, Jesus, let's go to some of the highlights:

While being processed by police, Karamian remarked that the cop "did not know the things he did for the community, and that a DUI would not be a good thing for him." When Karamian later refused to voluntarily provide a blood sample, he was strapped, yelling, into a restraint chair. That blood draw showed his BAC was .165, more than twice Arizona's .08 limit. Karamian, whose occupation is listed as "website writer" on an arrest report, pleaded guilty yesterday to a misdemeanor drunk driving count during an appearance in Scottsdale City Court. He was ordered to pay about $2000 in fines and court costs, directed to attend an alcohol screening program, and sentenced to four days in jail. But that sentence, which begins Sunday, grants Karamian "work release" from 7 AM to 7 PM during the week (in this case Monday through Wednesday). Karamian did not respond to e-mail messages seeking comment about his drunk driving case


Now, the Dirty has provided hours of enjoyment for us thanks to some of the embarrassing photos and salacious rumors he's broken about numerous athletes on his site. I see no reason why this incident won't be equally as popular or newsworthy. Anyway, Nik — Hooman, sorry — next time, take a cab, buddy. The Dirt On The Dirty [The Smoking Gun]

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