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Somewhere There's A Tom Brady Voodoo Doll With A Pin In Its Foot

Your chances of seeing Matt Gutierrez at quarterback in the Super Bowl just improved slightly on Monday, as Tom Brady was spotted hobbling down a New York sidewalk in a foot cast. Now what this means is not clear; all that we know for certain is that Brady's foot speed is pretty much unchanged. My guess as to what happened? Richard Seymour got confused and stomped his own player.

Monday, Brady did not directly answer a question about being hurt during his regularly scheduled appearance on sports radio WEEI. When he was asked about having his leg looked at on the sideline early in the fourth quarter on the "Dennis & Callahan Show," he replied: "There are always kind of bumps and bruises. I'll be ready for the Super Bowl. I'm not missing this one. I'd have to be on a stretcher to miss this one. There will just be some treatment this week and like I said, games like this you get a little nicked up, but it's nothing serious."


But it does tend to explain Brady's relatively sucky performance on Sunday; perhaps all of those screen passes and Maroney runs were out of necessity, not design. Oh well. Whatever distracts the media and prevents us from having to read a long Cooper Manning feature is fine with me.

UPDATE: "Hmmm...isn't this how it all started with Barbaro?" — Mattinglyssideburns

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