Sony Ends FIFA Sponsorship, No Longer Supports Slavery

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Following the footsteps of Emirates airlines, Sony has officially decided to end its sponsorship with FIFA. Some—but not all—of the brands are realizing, it seems, that supporting a group that supports any number of corrupt and nefarious practices isn't a good look.

The move is a long time in the making. Both Sony and Emirates made clear their intentions to not renew their agreements when they came up at the end of this year. And while the moves are probably motivated more by a cost-benefit analysis than burning moral outrage, that's fine—capitalism at work, really. Whatever the motive, at least Sony has concretely expressed its disapproval with how the Russia and Qatar World Cup bids were dealt with.


If this is important—and it could be—it's because FIFA is finally feeling the effects of its corruption. Soccer's governing body is all-too adept at shrugging off negative publicity in the media, disregarding the concerns of various regional soccer confederations like CONCACAF and UEFA, and can always fall back on the position that, once the games start, the entire world will shut up and watch.

Money's the only thing that talks to these people, and a considerable chunk of money just said, "Nah."