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If you haven't heard, the Washington Wizards' new slogan for the 2006-07 season is "Go All In," which is possibly a reference to Gilbert Arenas' love of playing online poker at halftime and is definitely not something that makes much sense. To quote DC Sports Bog:

There are several scenarios that would make you go all in in poker, right?

1) You have the best made hand, someone else is on a draw, and you want to end things.
2) You're bluffing.
3) You're short-stacked and desperate.
4) You actually do have the best hand and want to get paid.

I don't see any of these scenarios applying to the Wizards, circa 2006. They don't have the best team, they have no reason to bluff or be desperate, and it's not like they're ahead in this hand, metaphorically or otherwise, although I have no idea what that means.


Bullets Fever looks at this in more detail. As far as slogans go, it's not as bad as the Cardinals' famous "Red Means Go," but, you know, we still don't understand it.

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