Soon, They'll Start Stealing His Chicks

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So here's a completely strange story: Apparently USC quarterback Matt Leinart — perhaps you've heard of him — was apparently suspended for the Rose Bowl for, like, an hour.

Leinart appeared in a commercial for ESPN in violation of NCAA rules — honestly, the NCAA is the worst; sometimes we think they kick athletes they see on the street in the groin just for the thrill — and he was suspended for the big game. After reporting the incident, USC petitioned the NCAA for reinstatement, and once they realized how much money they could personally make off Leinart's appearance, they let him come back. (But not before letting Leinart know they could have kept him out, if they wanted to, just because they can.)


None of this process came out until now, Palmiero-esque. It's good to see that rogues like Leinart are kept in line by Big Brother NCAA. Otherwise, matters would be double-plus-ungood.

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