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Your surest sign that the Vick signing is the perfect shitstorm of media in the perfect town for a media shitstorm? Everyone needed to know what Chase Utley's wife had to say about it.


I feel like we're all burned out on the news angles already, when it's barely 36 hours after the signing was announced and Jen Utley is a perfectly legitimate interview for this. She likes animals, you see, and is married to someone involved in Philadelphia sports, so what does she think about this mean man who will be playing games right across the street from where her husband plays his?

Well, mainly she's mad that the Eagles didn't check with the SPCA first. No, really.

I think if you're planning on being conscious of a very sensitive issue it might be positive to do that. Anybody who knows me personally knows I'm an extreme dog lover."


Look, Jen, Andy Reid committed to Vick without even seeing him work out, so no one would be aware of an imminent signing. If he doesn't run things by his team trainers, he's not running it by the animal shelter.

And on a football note, Vick has claimed his first victim. Giants rookie RB Andre Brown is done for the year after injuring himself in a let's-learn-to-defend-against-the-Wildcat drill.

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