Sorry Boys ... Alyssa Milano Is Engaged

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Yes, our little Sam is getting married, and strangely, it's NOT to an athlete. Ms. Milano is engaged to (non-sports) agent David Bugliari, so watch your Blackberry Curve for that wedding invite.


So it's like, I guess, one of Vincent Chase's hot babes settling down with Ari Gold. Thanks to the San Francisco Examiner, via Bob's Blitz, for the rather depressing news. And also for this presumably old Milano quote:

I've gotten such s—- about my dating choices. Like, every single article ... is about how I'm 'the chick that dates athletes... I'd love to just find a good plumber or doctor."

Coincidentally, Milano used to date pitcher Carl Pavano, who just signed with the Indians today for $1.5 million over one year. And they all lived happily ever after.

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