Source: Remy's Mom Begged Girlfriend Not To Extend Restraining Order

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After Jared Remy was arrested Tuesday and charged with beating his girlfriend, his mother contacted the girlfriend and begged her not to extend the emergency temporary restraining order she had been granted because it would "ruin his life," a neighbor who asked to remain anonymous told us.


Remy, the son of former Red Sox player and current announcer Jerry Remy, is accused of murdering his girlfriend, Jennifer Martel, last night by stabbing her repeatedly at the home they shared with their 4-year-old daughter in Waltham, Mass.

According to the Boston Globe, Martel had been granted an emergency restraining order after the initial attack Tuesday, when Remy allegedly pushed her into a mirror. That order only remained in effect until the Waltham District Court opened on Wednesday. According to the neighbor, Martel agreed not to extend the order because Remy's mother pleaded with her, saying it would "ruin his life."

"The compromise for not extending the restraining order was that Jen wouldn't give Jared back the key to the apartment," the neighbor told us in an email. "And now she's gone."

The neighbor said screams could be heard around 9 p.m., at which point someone called 911.

Two neighbors at the at the Windsor Village townhouse complex where the killing took place tried to intervene to stop Remy, according to someone who spoke to a witness at the scene.

At Remy's arraignment, Middlesex assistant district attorney Lisa McGovern said there had been a "protracted struggle" in the kitchen, the living room, and the doorway to the patio, according to the Boston Globe.


Two men, one each from neighboring apartments, did try to rush to Martel's aid, according to our source who spoke to a witness. One attempted to restrain Remy while the other tried to pull Martel away from him. Our source was told Martel's body was already lifeless. Remy then attempted to slash at least one of the men, whom the Boston Herald identified as Benjamin Ray, whereupon both men took off and returned to their apartments.

When he got back to his apartment, one of the men told his girlfriend to hide in the bathroom until police arrived. His clothes were covered in Martel's blood, and he had also tracked blood into the apartment. All of the neighbors were told by police not to talk to the media. The neighbor who asked his girlfriend to hide in the bathroom has since left the area with his girlfriend, according to our source. We have agreed not to publish where they're going.


The neighbor who emailed us wrote that "it was too late" by the time police arrived, before adding these details:

Jared walked out with his hands up, the cops shined a flashlight on his face and it was dripping with blood. I could hear their dog crying and that's when I knew she was really dead.


In the email, the neighbor also wrote:

I'm not sure what I can tell you that hasn't already come to light. I'm grateful to deadspin for clarifying that the young girl is both Jen and Jared's child. He has her name tattooed on his neck and she has his last name. The entire Remy family was at that apartment for her fourth birthday party last year.She'll be five next month. They have a spare room for Jared's older son from a previous relationship.

I also want to implicate Windsor Village for turning a blind eye and allowing a convicted felon to reside on their property despite their community rules. Jared's name is not on the lease (his brother's is), but they are very much aware that he resides there and they allow it because the Remy name entitles him to anything in this town. They let families with young children move in around him despite his violent criminal history. The e-mail they just released "assured" us "that at no point were any residents in danger." Jen was a resident. Was she not in danger? Were not the neighbors who tried desperately to stop him?

Jen wanted to be a teacher and had just started classes at Framingham State. She adored her daughter and wanted to provide for her independent of the Remys. I'm devastated she'll never know the better life she was just beginning to build for herself.