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Now that the clock is ticking on Michelle Beadle's ESPN career—she's there for just another two weeks, according to Those Guys Have All the Fun author Jim Miller—who's set to replace her as the tolerable half of SportsNation?

ESPN sources tell us that Charissa Thompson, a frequent guest host on the show, will take her spot. Thompson's ascent at the network has been impressive: 11 months after getting hired, the 30-year-old is poised to co-host a show. (Prior to working at ESPN, Thompson worked at Versus and as a sideline reporter for Fox.) Of course, Thompson has her skeptics—people who say she's getting tapped merely because … well, she "kinda looks like Beadle," as one Bristol source put it.


What does this mean for Erin Andrews? Andrews' contract is set to expire in the next few months, and from what we hear, she's finding very little traction on the outside market. And now ESPN seems to have settled on its new lady star, leaving Andrews with little to no leverage.

Also of note: An ESPN insider tells us that SportsNation will be retooled sometime in the not-so-distant future. And without Beadle by his side, Colin Cowherd may well leave the show and do something else within ESPN. Who would replace him? One Bristol Kremlinologist said an early favorite is Jonathan Coachman.

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