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Probably you are going to want to remember the name Terrence Horne. The 5-foot-7 receiver, a true freshman at South Florida, is both incredibly shifty and incredibly fast, and that makes him an absolute terror on kickoff returns. In the first quarter of today’s game against Georgia Tech, Horne returned consecutive kickoffs for touchdowns:


The first one is very cool, with Horne moseying up from the sideline and then making one cut and exploding through a gap in Georgia Tech’s pursuit in the blink of an eye. But it’s the second one, man. Horne comes almost to a complete stop in the middle of the field, then makes a 90-degree cut and just turns on the goddamn afterburners. I gather from the commentary that he was a track star. Possibly he is also a comic book superhero.

USF says the two kickoff return touchdowns in today’s game tie an NCAA record. This game is still in the third quarter. Memo to Georgia Tech: Any kick is better than a kick to Terrence Horne! Kick it backwards if you have to!

Staff Writer, Deadspin

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