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Spain vs. Germany: First Half

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It looks like German captain Michael Ballack is going to be playing after all, thought most of the pundits have him pegged at about 75 percent at best. David Villa remains out for Spain, which means Cesc Fabregas will probably have to come up big like he did against Russia for the Spaniards to capture their first Euro title in 44 years.


So join me, won't you, for some uninformed commentary as the Uefa title is decided in Vienna in a former World War II prison. Fun!

  • Julie Foudy continues to make me regret getting an HD TV.
  • Big T-shirt bad sandwich covers for some shuffling people symbolizing something. A lot of drugs preparation went into this intro.
  • Hey, Enrique Iglesias. Apparently Europe is at the pop culture equivalent of 1999 in America. Good to know.
  • Kent Brockman on Spain early on: "Halfback passes to center. Center passes to wing, back to center. Center holds it. Holds it. [Sighs] Holds it."
  • Germany getting some good early pressure. Klose has set up some opportunities but no great shots as of yet.
  • Yikes. Nearly an own-goal by Germany on the best chance from Spain of either team thus far.
  • Spain finally applying some consistent pressure at the 20-minute mark. Torres knocks a header over the goal on a corner.
  • Ouf. Torres comes back with a great header two minutes later that caroms off the goalpost.
  • And Torres scares the bejesus out of the German keeper, who has to boot it out to avoid getting stripped.
  • "Torres has the Midas touch and it's a Spanish treasure!" Torres has been shredding the German defense as he bulled his way past, well, everyone. 1-0 Spain
  • Spain comes right back with another great chance but Silva launches a cross pass way over the goal.
  • Ballack is bloodied, possibly bowed.
  • First half winding down. And Spain has taken control after a few timid charges by the Germans early on. Second half post coming up in a few.