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Spain vs. Italy: Extra Time

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We're back live after a short intermission before the beginning of extra time. We're in for another thirty minutes of this, so get comfortable. Spain has already been peppering Italy with shots, but nothing is making its way to the goal. Silva just fired a rocket wide that would have sent chills through the body of every Italy hater watching. Alas. Continue along after the jump.


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(Ed. Note: Getting beer.)

• Now it's the Italian's turn to put on some pressure, however Luca Toni can't rid himself of the Spanish defenders. Two consecutive corners won by Italy, but neither could be converted. Toni went high with the second effort.</>


• Cazorla may have taken a nut-shot right there.

• Spain have worked the ball upfield and look to set up off of a throw. Villa falls down, but manages to sweep the ball to Fabregas, who can't do anything with it.

• Spain is called offside yet again. They should be winning this game by now.

• This fucking blows. Extra time is half gone, and so am I.

• Ah crap, a dumb foul and a free kick for the Italians is upcoming.

• The ball is fired wide and nobody moves for it, leaving Spain with a throw.

• And here comes Del Piero. Where was he fifteen minutes ago?

• Casillas boots a goal kick right back to Italy, but they misplay back to Spain.


• Tick-toc, bitches.

• More great chances for Spain without anything to show for it. I imagine they're quite frustrated, whereas this is exactly what Italy prefers.


• Oh get up and finish the fucking game, you cock!

• The end came down to one final attempt by David Villa, but it was off by an agonizing margin. Penalties are on the way, so enjoy that.



• David Villa is up first, and he certainly doesn't miss that one. 1-0 Spain.

• Grosso buries his as well, tied after the first round.

• The sub Cazorla tucks it away without a problem.

• CASSILAS WITH THE SAVE! Brilliance from the team's captain. 2-1 Spain after 2.

• Senna delivers for Spain, he's been a bright spot most of the day. Italy needs a goal here.


• Camoranesi steps right up and beats the keeper. BUFFON WITH THE SAVE! The commentators jinx Guiza, La Liga's leading scorer, and he was denied!

• SAVE CASSILAS, HE DOES IT AGAIN! Cesc is up for the win, and there was never a doubt about it. Fabregas should be under appreciated no more back home in Spain. SPAIN WINS IN A SHOOTOUT!


Yeah I hate shootouts, but that was highly enjoyable.

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