Spanish soccer league coach walks onto field, stops opposing team’s counter attack in 89th minute

Who among us hasn’t wanted to hit the reset button IRL?

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Screenshot: Twitter: Diario El Ciudadano

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been agonizingly close to capturing that digital championship on a season of Madden or FIFA only to have the computer pull some lucky bullshit and ruin hours worth of investment.

Now raise your hand if you hit the reset button instead of just sitting there, knowing you’re able to erase history by simply hitting pause and “quit game,” and taking the L. It’s so easy, the only person who knows is you, and as long as you can handle the shame, it’s OK.


Lastly, raise your hand if you’ve ever been a coach and had the audacity to stroll onto the pitch to stop a 89th-minute counter attack/hit the quit button in real life. That is exactly what happened in a first division soccer game in Spain on Monday.

In the match between Madrid sides Villanueva del Pardillo and Colmenar Viejo, it wasn’t the manager of Colmenar Viejo but rather his assistant who ambled onto the field like an upset youth soccer coach and stopped the game as if it was a scrimmage. The perpetrator was red carded and booted from the contest. His club issued an apology on his behalf and said he immediately regretted what happened, according to the report.


I’m not sure if I believe his contrition because the Academy asked him to leave following the incident, but he refused, won an Oscar for best assistant manager and then gave an acceptance defending his actions. Only once he realized the extent to which his actions went viral did he apologize to Chris Rock

So many jokes, so little attention span.

  • How can you not want to run through a wall for a coach who’s willing to run on the field for you?
  • Hold my cerveza: Spanish coach channels inner Mike Tomlin, alters in-game action.
  • I’m pretty sure even Ted Lasso knows you can’t do that.

I can’t say we’ve all been there, but a lot of people can relate to seeing something bad happening and wanting to stop the nightmare because it’s happening… right. there. Obviously, wanting to act on that urge and actually stopping a beautifully weighted ball in the final minutes of a match are two different things, so kudos to him for showing Will Smith that he’s not the only person who’s susceptible to losing their shit.