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Speedo's Olympic Success Leads to Financial Dilemma for Universities

The theory of trickle-down economics got an Urban Dictionary-style redefinition after the Summer Olympics in August after watching approximately 312,847,708 world records mutilated in the Water Cube, thanks in large part to wearing new LZR Racer suits from Speedo. Now, of course, collegiate and high school swimmers want the same advantage or else their own competitors that put out $550 per suit will create two unofficial divisions: those with money (and suits) and those without. ("Good job, Brandi... your time was second-best in the Poor People Division!") Of course, Speedo's offering a discount to certain NCAA competitors (depending on the tournament they compete in), but that's just like saying the first one's always free. Oh, and did we mention the first one falls apart after a few races and needs replacing? Isn't that a curious by-product of the intense applied science in the suit? How... coinkidinky. We see a possible solution, though we wonder what they will do for drag...


For Amateur Swimmers, the Cost Of Success Doesn't Suit Everyone [Washington Post]

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