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We apologize for our lingering tech problems today, but all should be resolved now. Sorry. We're going to try to make it up to you; we're gonna give you that long-awaited opportunity to punch us in the face.

We haven't taken any of our Deadspin Field Trips in a while, so we thought long and hard about what our next one should be. And since Deadspin readers and commenters pretty much provide us 75 percent of our daily joy, we thought it should involve you. Therefore, we cordially invite you to join us and your fellow Deadspin readers and commenters at RFK Stadium, on Monday, July 3, for a Deadspin Day At RFK.

Basically, all Deadspin readers are invited to sit together for the stirring 7 p.m. contest between the Nationals and Marlins in the Upper Upper Upper Deck. How Upper Deck? The seats are seven dollars. We would never expect anyone to pay more for a Nationals-Marlins game.

You can get the tickets from the Nationals' Web site; just make sure you pick the Monday, July 3 game. The section you're shooting for is Section 532. It's not sold out — for now — because those seats are just south of the moon. We wouldn't have it any other way.

So come one, come all. And stay tuned for updates as we all get closer. Nationals-Marlins Independence Day Eve excitement ... CATCH IT!


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