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The Academy Awards might not have anything to do with sports, but they give me an excuse to run this picture from Sports Wrap. Plus, there's going to be plenty of Jon Stewart, cleavage, and gambling opportunities, all things a lot of us enjoy. Follow after the jump for my bets and my pick for best cleavage.

The obvious picks that any office pool participant could pick are pretty much useless for wagering purposes. Taking Daniel Day-Lewis (1/20) or Javier Bardem (1/16) won't do anything for your bankroll, so here are my recommended picks.


Best Picture- There Will Be Blood at 3/1. No Country is the clear favorite, but Oscar is sometimes a bit "off" (Crash) and people love them some DDL and PTA (fuck Magnolia).

Best Supporting Actress- Amy Ryan at 2/1. Who doesn't love a bad mother? Cate Blanchett needs another award the way I need a donut.

Best Supporting Actor- Phillip Seymour Hoffman at 20/1. He's the long-shot of the group, but he's also my favorite actor... and I'm stupid.

Best Director- Ethan and Joel Coen at 1/5. Shitty odds, but it's a lock.

As for my best cleavage? I'm going with Jessica Alba and her pregnant boobs. Plus she's presenting, so you know she'll be looking good.


I wonder if Halle will be there...

Enjoy the evening, and play along in the comments.

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