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Illustration for article titled Sports In The Storm: The Knicks Were Stuck In Minnesota, The Spurs Were Stuck In Detroit, And The Bruins Had To Reschedule

You are not the only one somewhat inconvenienced by the white stuff on the ground outside: The Knicks spent last night stuck in Minneapolis, the Spurs couldn't escape from Detroit until an hour ago, and the Nets had to take a train:

The New York Knicks were stuck in Minnesota after playing the Timberwolves on Friday night, hoping to try to fly home sometime Saturday. The San Antonio Spurs were also staying overnight in Detroit after seeing their 11-game winning streak fall to the Pistons, awaiting word on when they might be able to fly to New York for their game Sunday night at Brooklyn.

The Brooklyn Nets planned to take a train home instead of flying from Washington, D.C. after losing to the Wizards on Friday night.


Next time you complain about cabin fever, remember that you could be stuck in Detroit with Tim Duncan. The Bruins, meanwhile, had to change a midday matinee to a night game, and may not get out of Boston in time for their game in Buffalo:

The Boston Bruins pushed back the start of Saturday's game against the Tampa Bay Lightning by six hours because of the blizzard. The game originally slated for 1 p.m. was rescheduled for 7 p.m., but Boston was expected to be one of the cities hit hardest by the storm [...] The Bruins and Lightning each already had road games scheduled for Sunday night.


Had, in the past tense; the Associated Press seems to have some doubt that those games will go on as planned, which is fine, because the NHL has plenty of open space in the schedule for make-up games. The Knicks' Sunday match-up against the Clippers may be in trouble as well:

So, great: Can't go outside, and there won't be any sports on TV. Can Netflix handle the load?

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