Sports Psychologist Takes Full Credit For Stewart Cink

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Who is really to blame for "stepping on a Hall of Famer's neck" and ruining golf forever by not laying down for Tom Watson. Not that jerk Stewart Cink. Send a note to Dr. Morris Pickens, famous sports psychologist, instead.


Cink had never won his own major, because before last weekend he was terrible. After struggling most of last year and the beginning of this one, he decided he needed a change. So he remade his game—just two months ago—and now he's stomping throats like a champion.

"I needed to change my mental outlook too because I really did not have much of a pre-shot routine working. I decided I needed to get something more regimented, a routine I could lean on under pressure.

"I thought if I stayed with the long putter it would be easy for me to fall back into the old warm and fuzzy feelings so I decided to scrap everything and start over with the short putter."


A putter? That's it? You changed your putter and now you're an Open Champion? That's not what Doctor Pickens says....

What do Stewart Cink, winner of the British Open and Lucas Glover, winner of the U.S. Open have in common? They both used their unbelievable talent and the "Learn to Win" system we have worked on to maintain their composure and display the patience of a true champion ....

Although I have only worked with Stewart since May 19th, 2 months to the day, I am not surprised he was able to play this well today. He has incredible talent and by helping him find the few needed tweaks (mainly in putting), he was able to turn things around rather quickly. After Lucas Glover winning the U.S. Open, it is especially gratifying to see another great student (and person) get rewarded with such a great victory. ...

I, Dr. Morris Pickens, along with all of the rest of my students (who watch his every move) want to congratulate Stewart on all the hard work, dedication, and patience that lead to his victory. He has worked harder on his putting the last two months than he ever has - and it showed today. Way to go Stewart!!!

To learn more about the "Learn to Win" System utilized by both Stewart Cink, 2009 British Open Champion and Lucas Glover, 2009 U.S. Open Champion, look for the release of Dr. Morris Pickens' book "Learn to Win" being released August 11th 2009, during the PGA Championship.

I, Dashiell Bennett, would like to "learn to win" too! Where do I mail my credit card? You see, ever since reading this New York Times article about how trying to block bad behavior out of your mind will pretty much a guarantee that you repeat that bad behavior, I now don't not need help avoiding double negatives in my writing. And mispellings. Can Dr. Mo Pickens save me? Unlike Cink, I will be sure to mention him in my victory speech, should I find myself eligible for some sort of grammar award.

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