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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Sports Radio Caller Gets Robbed While Rapping On Air

Will in Baltimore was working the graveyard shift at 7-11 last night, and decided to call into Damon Amendolara's CBS Sports radio show to commiserate about the Orioles dropping a third straight game to the Royals in the ALCS. He then decided to bust out a lil' rap song for the listeners ... and then he got robbed.


It all goes down rather quickly, but about a minute into the call poor Will cuts off his rhymes, apologetically informs everyone that he is being robbed, and tells Amendolara that he will call back later.

Amendolara tells us that Will was indeed able to call back about an hour later and let everyone know that he made it through the ordeal just fine. Hopefully the robber will be brought to justice, because anyone who can't wait until a guy finishes getting his bars off before sticking him up is a true scumbag.

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