Sid Rosenberg is (was?) a sports radio personality in Miami. You may remember him from his days as a sports sidekick on the Imus program, where he was no stranger to controversy—including his "quip" noting Venus and Serena Williams would be better off in National Geographic than Playboy. Real solid guy.

When news broke Thursday morning that Rosenberg was arrested for DUI the most common reaction was, likely, "Who?" followed by "Ohhh, probably deserves it." Now the full details have come out and they are outstanding. Rosenberg was found sitting in the driver's side with the door open and the engine running—obstructing traffic in the center lane of the road at nearly 2:00 a.m. He told police that he was heading home after a night at a gentlemen's club named Tootsie's.

Officer Jon Cooke said when he arrived, "I discovered [Rosenberg] laying on the ground behind his vehicle in the fetal position with his fingers in his mouth. He appeared to be attempting to induce himself to vomit. I noticed vomit on his [sic] clotches as well as inside and next to the driver door of the vehicle. I noticed a strong odor of alcoholic beverage emanating from his breath. His speech was extremely slurred and he was crying. His face was flush and his eyes were bloodshot."


Well then. After spending the day in jail, Rosenberg was back on the air Friday and his station general manager indicated he would not be suspended "as of right now."

Full details on Sid Rosenberg's arrest; Dolphins and Canes news [Miami Herald]