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Inspired by this out-of-nowhere random screaming of "MITT ROMNEY!" during "SportsCenter" a few nights ago, View From Average asks a perfect legitimate question: Out of which orifice do they pull the catchphrases anymore?

Seriously, the ESPN Catchphrase, we hesitate to say, used to mean something. (And by that, we mean that it strategically meant nothing.) But now, they're just throwing shit out there; it wouldn't surprise us to learn the Romney campaign paid for it.

So what's the point anymore? Other than just to be another person on ESPN who screams at us? We like View From Average's theory:

Producer: "Hey Mr. (insert SC anchor), go turn on the TV and yell out the first phrase you hear."

SC Anchor: "Mitt Romney!!"

Producer: "Now insert that into our super secret how to make SC awesome formula. (Yelling pop culture reference) + (clip of anything more exciting than a layup)= Highlight Gold!"


We do not doubt in the slightest that this is the case.

Mitt Romney? Really ESPN? Really? [View From Average]

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