Sportswriters: Who's The Grossest Or Most Obnoxious Person You've Encountered In The Press Box? Share Your Stories.

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Professional sportswriters love to tell you the rule about how there's no cheering in the press box. What they don't tell you is how many other forms of normal human behavior are also missing from the press box. Anyone who's ever picked up a sports media credential has discovered that it is a ticket into the realm of the appalling.

There are the gross ones, who act as if proximity to a sports event makes them invisible and unnoticeable, as they perch there picking their noses, sneeze without covering their mouths, drop half-chewed food on the game notes, or just perpetually smell like they've shit their pants. There are the obnoxious ones, parading around the media room behaving like Mike Lupica.


These folks are everywhere, and they get talked about a lot, but the tales of their repellent or loathsome habits rarely wind up getting published. Well, now's your chance. If you've got a story about a gross reporter being gross or an obnoxious reporter being obnoxious, tell us about it in the discussion below. Up to you if you want to use real names.