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We are no experts in the field of stalking — really! — but as far as potential stalking targets go, we're not sure we'd include Michigan coach Lloyd Carr as a particularly targetable vessel for rage and frustration. Well, at least not this year.

Regardless, a 23-year-old Detroit man — who really should have better things going on right now — was arrested yesterday for sending Carr and his staff "threatening, harassing and obscene" e-mails." The man hasn't been arraigned yet, so we don't have his name, though we still imagine it being something like "Gary Moeller."


That said, we're sure Carr's natural charm and ease with others, not to mention the smoldering good looks, have resulted in a life plagued with obsessed stalkers just wanting to touch the hem of the man's garments. Oh, don't say you haven't thought the same thing.

The good news is, if Michigan loses to Ohio State in a month, we suspect Carr's stalker will have much company.

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