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Stan Van Gundy Sets Up Dwight Howard For The Most Awkward Interview Ever

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Stan Van Gundy has heard, from "people in our management right from the top," that Dwight Howard has requested that he be fired. The video above picks up Van Gundy's comments just as he utters them. At the 2:50 mark, Van Gundy is approached by Howard, who is not aware of what Van Gundy just said. Without giving Howard any indication of what's going on, Van Gundy walks away, leaving a surprised Howard to stumble and deny his way through a series of questions. It's opera buffo without the music, and it's great theater for the rest of us, but if the Magic do indeed have plans to fire Van Gundy, right about now seems to be as good a time as any.

Stan Van Gundy: Yes, Dwight Howard wants me fired [Orlando Sentinel]

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