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Starbury Does Some Self-Branding

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It's no forehead Olympics tattoo, but Stephon Marbury has some fine audacious cranial ink of his own. And self-promotional too! The 30 Rock writers must make Tracy Jordan respond in kind.


Stephon Marbury bounded off the New York Knicks ' team bus at Vegas' Valley High last night - a new tattoo inscribed on his left temple. The "3" logo found on his Starbury sneaker and apparel line is now a permanent part of his bald head.

Good thing the permanent tattoo ink wasn't used on his Knick jersey.

Backing other revenue streams when it looks like you're going to be dumped out of your $20-million-a-year contract is probably a good thing. When you're selling them for less than $10 on Amazon, however, you might not want to throw all your eggs in that basket.

/bought home before real estate market died, in no place to judge on financial decisions