StarCraft Player Says He'll "Rape" Opponent, Is Booted From Tourney

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Ukrainian StarCraft player Mihaylo Hayda was kicked out of a StarCraft II qualifying match Friday for tweeting that he'd "rape" his female opponent during their matchup.

The tweet, via @FeedMeSC2:


Madeleine Leander, Hayda's opponent, wrote about the tweet on E-Sport, which was apparently sent out in the middle of the qualifying match for the Fragbite Masters Season 3 tournament:

I was invited to play in the tournament Fragbite Masters. My first reaction was "but I'm not good enough". It was however not the first time an underdog was invited to a tournament. It would be stupid to say no, I thought. I saw it as chance and said yes. A few minutes into the first map the game was paused. I had no idea why but it was because of the tweet. The game went on and I lost 0-2. When the match was over I saw this. A tweet with the text "Going to rape some girl soon #fragbitemasters" written by my opponent.

I don't even know what to say. I was very surprised to say the least. This coming from a pro player is scary. The organizers did what they could. They asked Kas to apologize and talked about it after.


Hayda was disqualified from the remainder of the tournament:


He apologized on Twitter and said he'd take a break from tweeting any more stupid things.


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Photo: AP