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Start Saving Up For A Good Boning, Courtesy Of Mike Tyson

Here comes the perfect opportunity for the first-ever Ladies Only Deadspin Field Trip: Mike Tyson has reportedly agreed to be a male prostitute at Heidi Fless's new manwhorehouse in Nevada.

Just in case it's slipped your mind, Mike Tyson is a convicted rapist, and I'm not sure what frightens me more: the fact that this is somehow legal, or the fact that there's a market for it. Fleiss says, "I'm already getting letters from women who say, 'Hurry up, Heidi.'" Reading that gives me chest pain.


This is the same Mike Tyson who said recently that he also wanted to fight women. The more ambitious ladies out there could turn this into a whole weekend: fight Mike Tyson pay-per-view in the afternoon, and then give him your share of the purse money to nail you later that evening. Perfect.

Be careful if you decide to pay the extra money for oral, though. I hear he's a biter.


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