Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Alabama: Mississippi

Alaska: Washington

Arizona: California

Arkansas: Texas

California: Texas

Colorado: California

Connecticut: Massachusetts

Delaware: Pennsylvania

Florida: New York

Georgia: Tennessee

Hawaii: California

Idaho: Washington

Illinois: New York

Indiana: Illinois

Iowa: Illinois

Kansas: Missouri

Kentucky: Indiana

Louisiana: Texas

Maine: New Hampshire

Maryland: Virginia

Massachusetts: New York

Michigan: Ohio

Minnesota: Wisconsin

Mississippi: Alabama

Missouri: Kansas

Montana: California

Nebraska: Kansas

Nevada: California

New Hampshire: Vermont

New Jersey: New York

New Mexico: Texas

New York: California

North Carolina: South Carolina

North Dakota: South Dakota

Ohio: Michigan

Oklahoma: Texas

Oregon: Washington

Pennsylvania: New York

Rhode Island: Massachusetts

South Carolina: North Carolina

South Dakota: North Dakota

Tennessee: Georgia

Texas: Everyone

Utah: Colorado

Vermont: New Hampshire

Virginia: Maryland

Washington: Oregon

West Virginia: Virginia

Wisconsin: Minnesota

Wyoming: Colorado

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Bobby Big Wheel (aka Bobby B. Wheel, aka Robert Wheel) is an attorney and freelance writer.

Map by Reuben Fischer-Baum.

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